Our Team

deepti sharma
Deepti is a postgraduate in Organic Chemistry and MBA in Finance. She had a tremendously successful corporate career in Max Life Insurance Company & Asian Vendors spanning over 15 years during which she won many International and National awards.Sarvprayag is Deepti’s passion project which stemmed from her deep commitment to serving others and making a positive impact on the society. Sarvprayag started out with the intention of teaching underprivileged children and women but over the years it has branched into more sectors given Deepti’s commitment to the cause. Her hobbies include traveling and reading self-development books.

Swetha is a post graduate in MBA and graduate in B.tech Biotechnology. She loves to create art, bring life to inanimate objects with her imagination. Her priority in life is to ensure people around her are taken care of. She is passionate about making a positive impact in people’s lives through her work. At Sarvprayag, she has been instrumental in devising strategies and designing innovative curriculum that caters to under-served out of school children.

Shalini is a Post-Graduate (MBA) from Xaviers and has done graduation in Zoology(H). She loves to cook special dishes. She likes to spread happiness and also being happy. To continue this path of happiness, she joined Sarvprayag team which makes her feel really happy because the knowledge she gained is being put to a very good cause by educating the underprivileged children.She believes in the quote “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can you use to change the world ”

swati nagpal
Swati Nagpal is a Post Graduate in Marketing Management from Delhi with rich experience in the field of Recruitment & Educational Counselling. She has had long stints with IMS, Mumbai and Standard Chartered Bank in Dubai. Education and career counselling has been her passion. She is a mentor and administrator at Sarvprayag. As a mentor, she has been actively teaching and involved in progress of students for past 2 years. She is also taking care of various adminstrative activities at Sarvprayag.

meera piyush prasad
Meera Piyush Prasad has studied Human Developmental Psychology, a trained Special Educator and a practising Bach Flower therapist.Meera has a passion to create a connect with the abundant society resources to the places of need. She feels blessed to be a part of Sarvprayag, a river of nurturance and guidance to the children who are yet to be included in the regular system.

neha srivastava
Neha Srivastava has a blend of 22 years of experience in creative writing. She has an English honours degree, German post Diploma and an MBA degree. She has worked in Advertising in India and London. She won the finalist diploma certificate from the prestigious Spanish Museo de Palabra award for her flash fiction story – ‘The Game’. Her work has been featured in 5 international Anthologies. Of all the designations she has been addressed by, her favourite remains –‘Mom’

Poorvi Bhagat is a B.Sc chemistry graduate and a DMLT gold medalist. She likes to explore and has a passion to learn new things. She is also a spiritual person and recently is learning about Chakra healing Teaching has always been her passion and she is trained in it. She believes that Education can open new doors of opportunities and Sarvaprayag gave her that platform to do her part to educate underprivileged children so that they can lead a positive and better life.

shagun rathi
Shagun Rathi is a mother, an educator & a homemaker who gave up her job at Standard Chartered Bank to pursue her passion of teaching little children back in 2004. After 15 wonderful years of teaching in various private schools in Chandigarh & Gurgaon she felt the urge to give back to society for all the resources & blessings she has been bestowed with in these years & hence decided to join Sarvprayag – a school with a mission.

Amita is a graduate with a BA degree. She also holds a diploma in commercial arts. She loves to paint, imagine and create. She is a loving person and is ever willing to take care and support the people around her. Being a mother to two kids, she loves being around children and nurturing them. At Sarvprayag, she uses her imagination and artistic skills to make a change and helps give wings to the children’s imagination while educating them at the same time

Aakanksha is Director Strategy, American Express and has been associated with Corporate sector for 15+ years. She has done her graduation from St Stephens, Delhi University and Post graduate diploma in International business from Symbiosis, Pune. She also supports her mother’s NGO, Pallavi Arts which is focused on promotion of Art, Culture and Literature.Teaching has always been her passion and inner calling and that’s what got her associated with Sarvprayag. She is currently responsible for conducting remedial classes for junior students and finds this experience of sharing knowledge and making them feel confident and independent much enriching.

vibha taparia
Vibha Taparia, MSc Chemistry with Bachelor of Education (from Vanasthali Vidhapeeth). More than 20 years’ Experience in teaching science for students of middle year school. Middle aged mother of two having passion of creating happiness around society, truly believes that every child has right for education, which will create and develop a good society in future. Passion of teaching and my thoughts brings me to join Sarvprayag. At sarvprayag I teach students in very simple way to inculcate their understanding on basics of calculations and Hindi.

Seema is a Ceramicist and a pottery teacher. She started working as a journalist and has been involved with the social sector as a consultant and volunteer for more than 2 decades. She has been associated with NGOs working with underprivileged children and environmental conservation.She has joined Sarvprayag’s efforts in educating the underprivileged children so they can have a better future

Navya is a student of grade eleven. She attempts to spread the message of joy and happiness all around with her writing, dance & music. She believes that all children are entitled to a basic education,a belief strongly advocated by her family too. By teaching children who are of her age group she takes back valuable life lessons from each and every class that she takes.

samita chhibber
Samita Chhibber is a B Com Hons graduate.A home maker who is very passionate about children and teaching .Her hobbies are reading and doing yoga .Very friendly and outgoing. She is very eco-friendly and feels strongly about the environment .Volunteers with I am Gurgaon and has worked very hard to make her complex plastic free Started the garbage segregation drive too in her complex

Parul is an architect by education, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt by profession, and a spiritual learner at heart. She loves to experience art in all forms, be it food, visual art, music, dance, or relationships. Parul’s journey at Sarvprayag began with her passion for training and love for teaching. Sarvprayag has provided an opportunity to give back to the society in a way where her passion and her purpose meet.

koel roy chowdhury
Koel Roy Chowdhury is a Science graduate with a NTT degree. She has 12+ years of teaching experience with various reputed schools of Gurgaon. Presently she is working with a Preschool and teaching kids in age group 1.5 – 4 years.At Sarvprayag, apart from academic teaching of various subjects, she also teaches soft skills like communication and behavioral education.

seema mehra
Seema holds a honors degree in Economics and is an alumna of the Lady ShriRam College, Delhi University. A loving mother and grandmother, avid traveller, hobby chef and full-time book reader, she is inseparable from her books and Kindle. Seema is a firm believer in fostering equity in education and has been teaching children from low-income communities for more than 20 years. She is passionate about helping them realize their true potential and become self-confident, responsible adults.

poonam jain
Poonam is a post graduate in MBA, Bachelor in education and a graduate in B.com. She loves to interact with people and communicate her ideas effectively. She is also a certified yoga trainer from “The Yoga Institute”. Her main aim in life is to create more joy in life and guide others to how you can live your life in the best possible manner. She is always determined towards her work. At SARVPRAYAG she has been teaching students with full enthusiasm and encouraging them to gain knowledge from each and every aspect of life.

Arpit is a 17-year-old professor who currently studies in grade 12 in Kunskapsskolan, a school-based out of Gurgaon. He eats, breathes, walks and talks only numbers and anything related to numbers. His consistent 100 percentile grades in Mathematics goes on to show the love for the subject. His endeavour is to help all children to understand the power of numbers and excel at mathematics draws him towards a unique platform such as Sarvprayag where under the guidance of senior mentors he strives to share his passion and aide the younger lot. By sharing literacy, he desires to see a better and more prosperous nation.

ramanjit walia
Ramanjit Walia is a postgraduate with M.Tech in Computer Engineering and works with a Telecom Industry as a software professional. A Patent owner in telecom, loves to Dance and create craft in her free time. She is passionate about trying new things and always evolving.She is a self motivated person and believes in “Being Resourceful”. At Sarvprayag, she has been guiding School Children to understand basic concepts for various subjects using interesting methodologies.

Savita is Msc B.Ed with 7 years of teaching experience. She has done Postgraduation in Microbiology and enjoys spending time with kids. She has passion for learning new things and gardening. Being eco-friendly she drives people to recycle waste and promotes sustainability. At Sarvprayag, Savita is serving as a mentor for both juniors and seniors, aiming for welfare of children by using innovative ideas & methods to make learning interesting and fun. She strives to brighten her students’ lives.

Ashima is a finance professional based in Gurgaon with a MBA degree. She loves to travel and spending time with her son. Her innate desire is to see everyone fulfilling their dreams irrespective of their backgrounds.She is passionate about imparting the gift of education to the kids. At Sarvprayag she takes weekend classes for the students.

dhwani grover
Dhwani Grover is a certified Montessori teacher and a Post Graduate in Business Administration. Her passion for teaching and imparting knowledge led her to shift her career path from a regular corporate job to the education field and since then it has been a long and fulfilling 13years.She believes that imparting education will help in upliftment of the poor and underprivileged in our society and bring them at par with the rest. For her this is the best way to give back to society and being a part of the teaching fraternity at Sarvprayag she believes that she will be able to sow this seed of change

Smita has done her B.Ed., Masters in Computer Application & B.Sc. She believes that learning is a never ending process and every day she tries to learn something new to become better. Smita always wanted to do something to contribute to society. She very much believes in “Padhega India,tabhi to badhega India” & Sarvprayag provided her the platform to fulfill her belief & desire. For her, this mission is selfless, noble and very satisfying.

pooja gupta
Pooja is a B-tech graduate, who has worked with a leading Asset management firm for over 5 years.Her positivity and energy is infectious, and therefore Sarvprayag kids always enjoyed learning in her company and guidance. At Sarvprayag, she joined as the youngest educator/Volunteer and soon enough became an integral part of this amazing journey of empowering women and children. Her passion to bring out the best in every child at Sarvparayag, is commendable.

sunita aggarwal
Sunita Aggarwal did her graduation from Punjab University, and currently resides in Gurgaon. She is a housewife and in her free time, she teaches students basic Maths and English

Megha is certified six Sigma Black Belt, currently employed with a healthcare giant. She is a mother to an 8 year old. In her free time,Megha likes gardening. She is also a trained Kathak dancer.

sakshi behl
Sakshi is a goal-oriented learning and development practioner with over 16 years of experience.She is a management graduate with specialization in Knowledge and Innovation Management.She enjoys taking up capability building projects to help organizations, educational institutes and individuals.Sarvprayg inspires her to hear her ‘soul’s calling’ and she wants to bring light and shape children’s lives. There are unlimited possibilities where children are! Enjoying teaching and exploration journey at Sarvprayag.