Our Target Group

All our students are kids who have never received education in any form, we want to encourage children of daily wage workers, domestic helps and others belonging to the underprivileged spectra of our society. We want to include anyone who’s enthusiastic to change their lives through the power of knowledge and hard work.

Our belief that we are all the same and we all deserve the same kind of opportunities gives us the strong foundational faith in nurturing talent, hard work and determination.

None of our students have ever attended a school before or witnessed formal education in any form. Our intention is to expose underprivileged children to the same level of opportunities as any other child their age, irrespective of background. We are committed to high standards of accountability and transparency as we embark on this mission.

Our teaching techniques are modern, pragmatic and ever-evolving with increasing interests of our students. We also hold timely evaluations to figure out focus points and places of improvements.

English– As the language is completely alien to these children, we use the method of “phonics” for them to grasp it faster. Now they can not just read, but also understand and speak the language!

Mathematics– We try to trigger their thinking caps by using real life situations for inculcating logical and reasoning skills associated with learning Mathematics. This subject is one which is used most in day to day life scenarios and combined with our strong foundation-building sessions, the students are now enjoying it more than ever!

Hindi– We try to inculcate many games such as by using ‘placards’ to trigger the recall value among the students. Many story telling sessions are held in which students also join in and add their perspectives.

Environmental Science– Just as our vision states to bridge the gap between rich and poor, we want these students to be aware of Science topics and learn about all the possibilities they can be a part of. We also lay emphasis on the importance of learning about the Environment, its preservation and how we can create a sustainable lifestyle. One of our many creative methods of teaching include Science projects explaining various natural and scientific phenomena which further intrigues the students and make them more curious and mindful.

Life- Skills– This area of learning is something totally unique to Sarvprayag. Since we aim to contribute to wholesome development of our students, we dedicate some time teaching them important skills such as sanitation and water preservation. The topics covered are of a big spectrum but all of them have them have a common ground of making the students aware, confident, self-sufficient and grateful. The values imparted through these classes are for a lifetime, and just as important as subject wise education.