Covid- 19 Assistance

Our NGO has been on the ground in these unfortunate times and has done extensive work in providing food and hygiene supplies, creating awareness and has continued to impart education to its underprivileged students. Our target groups are daily wage workers and house helps who have unreliable sources of income and with Covid-19, they have no means to fend for themselves.

Distributing essential food kits and hygiene kits

We provide raw essential items (oil, flour, rice, pulses, salt, turmeric, chilli powder) and hygiene kits (Sanitary napkins, Dettol soap, Rin soap, mask, sanitizer) to needy families in Gurgaon every 15 days. This rotation ensures that the 200+ families that we are serving have essential items. We ensured all families present in our student’s localities are helped.

Creating awareness of Covid-19

We follow social distancing norms during our distribution drives, each family is represented by 1 member who is masked, and everyone stands in a line with 6 feet distance between each other. We teach people how to make cloth masks at home, maintain general cleanliness in their communities, how to wash any outside item before using and urged them to stay at home.

Educating our students

Since we cannot take classes for our underprivileged students anymore, we are making assignments and give to them when we go to distribute food. Our NGO had started with the vision of providing education to the underprivileged and this time of need, we stepped into serving our society in more ways and helping our community. We have also been helping our students who are studying in DPS Shiksha Kendra in completing their work assignments. In last 40 days, regular supplies of notebooks and stationary has been provided to them.