About US

Our vision is to spread the gift of learning, power of knowledge and the confidence to dream with the underprivileged sections of our society and, little by little, decrease the gaps of disparity in our community. To fulfill this vision, we work with children and their parents to ensure education, health, overall development and gratitude to be imbibed in our students – which will help them in becoming good citizens. We believe it is the responsibility of each individual for the environment they live in and hence our objective is to involve all sections of our community to make the change we wish to see in our society.

Our students have never had any formal education and are now at an age at which they cannot be accepted in schools presently because of being off-tracked and well over the age of their peers. With our solicitous guidance, teaching sessions and consistent efforts- we are able to bring these children at a level so as to make them eligible for their age appropriate grade admission at various top ranking private schools under the purview of government schemes. 

Our aim is to enroll our students into established private schools under government schemes. Our intention is to expose underprivileged children to the same level of opportunities as any other child their age, irrespective of their background and the obstacles faced by them. We are committed to high standards of accountability and transparency as we embark on this mission.